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About Us

Caffe Mobile

Caffe Mobile has been actively around South Africa for 18 years with its iconic mobile coffee trailers. We have since launched the Caffe Mobile for corporate functions, private functions and large exhibitions and events, which has taken the market by storm.

``And there it was. What we were all waiting for. We already had the delicious food, but a good cup of coffee with it was still an unanswered wish. Till one day this little van came driving up, opened its boot and there was a big shiny espresso machine. We all queued up to give it a try and all decided they serve one of the best coffees to go.`` - Extract, Sunday Tribune/Sunday Magazine – November 17, 2002

Caffe Mobile was founded by Carl Adendorff. Carl started out his mobile coffee venture by flying over to Italy on numerous training expeditions, and he fast became a guru, not only on coffee, but a machine technician, and Master Barrister. With 18 years of hands on experience and a passion for coffee like no other, it’s not rare to see him behind the bar on occasions creating a masterpiece.

As he always says the quality of coffee is largely in the hands of the creator – for this reason, Caffe Mobile focuses on the importance of skilled barristers.

Caffe Mobile is a must have for any function and a great way to treat your new and existing clients, and through our various branding options it allows you to promote your business at the function.

What Coffee do we use?