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Our Coffee


Caffe Mobile uses Lavazza Coffee for the undeniable passion, taste and quality. The process Lavazza uses epitomizes its culture and processing.

Every year Lavazza selects the best coffees from plantations all over the world in order to create thier specialised blends.

The sublime balance of each blend is obtained by mixing several types of coffee, which differ in terms of quality (Arabica or Robusta), type of processing (washed or natural) and, lastly, country of origin. All the specific benefits and characteristics of these different elements are integrated and compounded to produce a perfectly balanced coffee, with a distinctive flavour, aroma and body.

Delicious Aroma

Distinctive Flavour

Perfect Balance

coffee roastery

The creation of perfect blends is one of the tasks of professional coffee tasters who, thanks to their experience, have a keen sense of taste and smell. They exploit these senses to select and combine different types of coffee until they yield the exact flavour they are looking for.

Thanks to constant technological research, recent decades have seen a change from the traditional roasting system to a more innovative process, in which roasting takes place by means of hot air convection, in which streams of hot air are passed over the beans.

The degree of grinding (fine, medium, or coarse) alters the coffee’s resistance to the flow of water, which influences the extraction speed and hence the final sensory characteristics of the beverage in the cup.



Ground coffee is very delicate and deteriorates rapidly when it comes into contact with air, light, heat and humidity. Before packaging, it is stored in controlled environments, where the carbon dioxide that forms naturally during roasting disperses very quickly, keeping the fragrance of the coffee intact.

Our coffee packaging then uses state-of-the-art materials and techniques designed to preserve the quality of Lavazza coffee in the long term. Our Research & Development department is always looking for the most suitable packaging solutions, both in terms of coffee preservation and environmental sustainabilityour, aroma and body.

Coffee Preservation

Environmental Sustainability